Our Care Team Model

As Alaska Urology has grown, the need to match a patient to the skill of a provider has become a means to ensure streamlined appointments for our patients and organization efficiency. We operate using a Care Team model which includes our Board-Certified urologist and Nationally Certified-Physician Assistants for every patient. 

This work flow transitions a patient between Physician and Physician Assistants as they move back and forth between acute (emergent) and chronic follow-up while maintaining continuity of care within a care team. This model provides the patient confidence and familiarity with all their providers whilst allowing flexibility to schedule follow-ups or appointments.

Continuity of care is an important concept that has always been promoted at Alaska Urology.  This model incorporates our philosophy for each unique patient while ensuring we are meeting their needs. 

Scheduling Process

New Patients

Alaska Urology does not require a referral for new patients.  Referrals are helpful to expediate your care.  If you have a referral, please have your provider send our office a referral along with all medical records, notes, labs, and imaging.  Once we have received this information it will take approximately three business days to properly triage your referral and assign an appropriate provider based on the level of care.  

Please note this process may be delayed as we wait for all information from your referring provider.  Signing a Release of Information (ROI) with your referring provider will help our office obtain all appropriate medical records.

Patients without a referral will be seen by one of our Nationally Certified-Physician Assistants and if needed expediated to our Board-Certified urologist for care. 

Established Patients

Patients that have been seen at Alaska Urology in the past three years are welcome to contact our office and schedule.  You will be scheduled within your Care Team (Physician Assistant or Physician) based off of emergent or non-emergent symptoms and provider availability. 

Established New Patients

Patients that have not been seen in past three years at Alaska Urology are considered new patients.  You will be scheduled with the same process as if you were a new patient.  We will attempt to schedule with the Care Team seen previously.   


Five days prior to your appointment you will start receiving communication from our office to complete eRegistration.  This is a HIPPA compliant, secured, and encrypted service to provide needed information prior to your visit.  eRegistration will allow you to securely enter your personal information, insurance, medical history, current and past symptoms, medications, allergies, and other pertinent material.

Please take the time and accurately fill out these forms prior to the appointment.  This allows us to develop a treatment plan to meet your needs and coordinate with your healthcare providers.   Further, it makes the development of your customized treatment plan more effective.

If you do not receive an email five days in advance of your visit, please contact our office.

If You Need to Cancel or Reschedule Your Appointment

Please cancel at least 48 hours in advance. You will receive appointment reminders from Alaska Urology prior to your appointment. To cancel, call 907-563-3103 in Anchorage or 907-745-9300 in Palmer and we will do our best to reschedule your appointment in a timely manner.

Late Arrivals: We will make every effort to see you, but your appointment may need to be rescheduled. 

No-Show Policy

If you no-show for your appointment you will receive and automated message to reschedule.  If you no-show for your appointment it is your responsibility to contact the office and reschedule. 

Patients who no-show for three or more appointments may be discharged from Alaska Urology and will be asked to seek care from other providers. 

No-showing an appointment is a disservice to our other patients and providers.